Beautiful colorful place!
Beautiful colorful place! The house is great for sea vacation. There is cosiness, a great amount of artistry and personality, and last but not least hospitality. The hosts are always ready to help and assist. Wishing a fair winds, good guests and colorful days.
Solakovi Family / Bulgaria
We will definitely come again.
Villa Amalia is a beautiful house, with a cosy hall, an art gallery and magnificent designer rooms. Awesome owners, awesome family!!! The owner Emilia is a beautiful, talented woman who has invested her whole soul in the house and interior. Every minute of our stay, we were surrounded by care and attention. Our company is still delighted. We are sure - this is the best place to stay in the glorious town of Chernomorets! Villa Amalia pleased us with comfort and hospitality and the town of Chernomorets, with its silence and slowness! Thank you so much to the whole family!!! We will definitely come again!
Ihor / Ukraine
Perhaps this is the best place to stay in Chernomorets
Perhaps this is the best place to stay in Chernomorets. We were impressed by the villa, the rooms, the interior. The hosts are very polite and ready to cooperate. Emilia is an artist who has put his personal footprint in every single detail. A place definitely worth staying in!!!
Десимира / България
We had a great time
We spent a great time at Boutique Amalia villa! This is an artistic, stylish and different place to escape from gray everyday life. Everywhere was very clean and the attitude of the staff was very hospitable. Thank you and good luck in the future!
Petya / Bulgaria
Everything is done in a very interesting style
I liked the whole atmosphere from the door to the last detail, everything was done in a very interesting style. The room where we stayed was very nice, there was everything we needed.
Yordan Enchev / Bulgaria
I was pleasantly surprised
I liked everything. Atmosphere, service, attitude, hospitality. Honestly, I was slightly skeptical, but I ended up pleasantly surprised.
Deyan Ivanov / Bulgaria
The stay was a great pleasure for me
The villa is better than many hotels in Bulgaria. It is new and this year is her first season on the tourist market. There is a very good exterior and interior. I can say that this is a family boutique villa (Hotel). Everything was done and arranged with great desire and love from the owners, and they were extremely kind and attentive to all the guests in their villa. The rooms are very clean and comfortable. The quilt covers and pillows are light, fluffy and soft. In the foyer of the villa there are photos from the first sod, till the villa was built. There is also a written history of where the name of the villa comes from. The stay in this small but beautiful family hotel was a great pleasure for me.
Vladimir / Bulgaria
Design rooms with a view
Design rooms with a view, all new, working well.
Sanda Dimitrescu / Romania
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