Dear guests, the good information is always a prerequisite for fulfilling all expectations, maintaining a high degree of holiday mood and, mostly, avoiding any disappointments. In order to be as useful as possible, we will introduce you to the exact location of our villa. We hope this information will be of benefit to you and contribute to your perfect holiday.

"Boutique Villa Amalia" is located 500 m away from the center of the town of Chernomorets, 5 minutes walk from the central beach, 6 minutes walk from the beach of Camping Chernomorets and 1.5 km. from the remarkable Camping "Gradina". Boutique Amalia's location is considered with our desire to be close to the city center and the beach but at the same time far away from the loud noise during the active tourist season.

We also considered the guests' desire to have free parking, as well as beautiful sea views that are impossible in the very heart of the town. We hope these priorities are appreciated and contribute to your peaceful vacation and your cheerful holiday mood.

24, Slayanska Str, 8142 Chernomorets, Bulgaria
+359 888 32 12 19