Boutique Villa Amalia

Our life's adventure!

Welcome to our small but cosy Boutique Villa Amalia!

We are Emilia and Svetoslav - Emilia - artist, poet, writer, psychologist, PHD journalist and PR and Svetoslav - engineer, graphic designer, computer specialist. We both grew reared with the gentle breeze of the sea, the beautiful flight of gulls, the feeling of sand between the fingers and some small barefoot feet that left their sand trails, chasing another coloured kite. We carried this early kid’s love through the years. We loved the sea because of the freedom both physical and spiritual, that it gives to us, because of the broad horizons that it reveals to us because of the power that inspires us. We earnestly loved the fine sand beneath our feet and the infinite blue sky.

Boutique Villa Amalia

The communication with the sea waves gave us that warmth and spiritual peace that we have grown over the years - truly free, seeking and eternally irreconcilable travellers ... or, in short, "kids of the sea". It was the love that provoked us after long life's meanderings, after dozens of falls and victories, after many overcame obstacles, to look again at that yearned harbour where we had left our dreams - like a dream love comes true, like a gathering of those lost in the time grit that will give meanings to our days, like a desire to create a home in which to weave our souls and hearts, to preserve our childhood dreams and to live with the feeling of a worthily fulfilled life mission. A home that we open for every person, felt our love and dedication, a home full of heartiness and warmth, faith and hope, and an eagerness to give a piece of our happiness. To every guest! From our hearts! Real and pure-hearted!

We built patiently, with care and sincere creative engagement, and so, month after month, we completed the puzzle of our sea fairy tale. We dedicated our time and energy to create a small, cosy, artistic and warm space where every modern person can discover their oasis of tranquillity, peace and relaxation, enjoy lazy holiday mornings, experience exciting summer emotions and memorable moments with friends and loved ones.

Every corner of Boutique Villa Amalia's decor speaks with its own words, tells its personal story and creates a fairy tale where every guest can play their main role in life. You will feel the touch of the sea from the door of our home - where we will meet our energy, inspiration and emotions. We tried to embody the feeling of sea, light and warmth in the light and fresh decor of our common spaces, an imaginary line crossing that will allow you to make a smooth transition to the fairy tale storyline of your chosen room. The uniqueness of our rooms is peculiar, attractive, different, touching with its own character, with an attention to the detail, with a thought and feeling. We have created a bit of happiness - for people with romantic souls, those with an artistic look at life, fans of luxury and comfort, people with refined taste, connoisseurs of classical design. We thought every purchase over carefully, we searched for the most appropriate accessory, we painted in our imaginations strokes and colours, textures and details, fabrics and colour shades, forms and colour combinations. So, hard but imperceptibly, with love and devotion, with fantasy and feeling, we created our life story!

We hope that in this beautiful sea story every guest to receive their main role, to immerse their self in the epicentre of their own emotionality, to experience their dreamy summer storyline and to feel really happy!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we, the Boutique Villa Amalia team, will be glad if we can make your holiday unforgettable if we can break you from your busy day, if we can shelter you from the centre of the urban agglomeration to our universe - the universe which combines creativity with modern spirit and naturalness, humanity with goodness and unfeigned human communication, sincerity with a sense of kindness and cordiality.

Our biggest prize is your unforgettable vacation!

We will feel really happy if Boutique Villa Amalia gives you this experience!

We look forward to you with the hope of becoming a part of our marine family!

Emilia and Svetoslav
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