General Boutique Villa Amalia accommodation Terms and Conditions

Dear guests,

Thank you for choosing BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA! We look forward to each of you, eager and willing to provide the conditions for an unforgettable, exciting and emotional vacation. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, please be aware of the following rules and policies:

1. The accommodation at BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA is done by presenting personal documents certifying the identity of the guests. The data you provide are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, GDPR and the normative acts regulating the protection of information and are processed only in connection with the implementation of the established requirements of the Tourism Law. This personal information will only be used in connection with your reservation and will not be made available to others and for other purposes (exceptions are law enforcement agencies or other state institutions representatives that have the right to request personal data).

2. In relation with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the requirements for complete disinfection of the rooms after the check-out, we kindly inform you that the check-out is till 10:00 and the check-in is after 15:00. Thank you for your understanding.

3. The owners of BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA are not liable for damages caused by third party actions.

4. Amounts for claimed but not used reservations wholly or partly by customer's fault are not refunded and the BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA owners are neither liable for any damages nor owe any penalties.

5. Cancellation of a reservation

  • 5.1 Upon cancellation of a confirmed reservation with a paid deposit within 30 (thirty) or more days prior to the date of arrival, the client shall pay a penalty of 30% of the deposit amount.
  • 5.2 Upon cancellation of a confirmed reservation with a paid deposit less than 30 (thirty) days before the date of arrival, the client shall pay a penalty of 100% of the deposit amount.

6. The BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA team is not responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items at the rooms, as well as for damages caused by third parties.

7. In the event of damage to the property, the customer is liable to pay the damages in double amount. For this purpose, we would kindly ask you to alert us as soon as possible for any visible defects or damage, upon the check-in. Otherwise, we will assume that the damage was caused during your stay. For a lost key or entrance door chip you have to pay 10.00 BGN; for lost keychain - 20.00 BGN; stained cushion - 10.00 BGN; stained towel - 15.00 BGN; stained sheet - 20.00 BGN; stained quilt cover - 30.00 lv.

8. In accordance with Bulgarian legislation, smoking in all indoor areas of BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA is strongly prohibited.

9. The owners of BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA are not responsible for persons under 18 (children) left unattended. In order for your stay to be pleasant and peaceful, we ask you to take care of your children! Expressing love and attention always warms the child's heart!

10. To make your stay peaceful and as pleasant as possible, please follow the BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA order during your stay. Do not make noise, especially during the rest hours from 14:00 to 16:00, and after 23:00.

11. It is not allowed to bring food to the rooms. For this purpose, you can use our Fresh Zone we've created for you in the garden.

12. Free wireless internet is available to guests throughout the villa.

We wish you a pleasant stay at BOUTIQUE VILLA AMALIA!

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