A town with an unknown millennium history, spirit and traditions

The town of Chernomorets! Or as many call it - "Bulgarian Cornwall"!

The city that has perched on one of the most beautiful and picturesque peninsulas with every passing year is becoming more and more popular, winning new and new admirers and becoming one of the most desirable and attractive seaside destinations. Chernomorets is situated 24 km southeast from Bourgas, on the southern coast of the big bay of Bourgas (in the form of a sea horseshoe with the opening to the north) and 6 km from the town of Sozopol. It is located in a shallow hillside by the coast, on a small bay beside the sea, which since ancient times the Greeks called "Agios Nikolaos" ("St. Nicholas"). He has just given the name of the town. Until 1951 the name of the town was "St. Nicholas" and it had the status of a village, and with a decision of the Council of Ministers dated 02.12.2009 it received the status of a town.

Unique with its location, perched on the beautiful coastline, the town of Chernomorets looks like a blooming flower that enchants with its beauty and attractiveness. Near the eastern Strandzha Mountain, with its slightly folded relief, it provides its citizens and guests with magnificent panoramic views. For fans of extreme jumping and underwater sports, the city offers a unique rocky shore, reminiscent of the magnificent high shores of the charming Cornwall.

If you are one of those tourists who prefer the tranquillity of the small Black Sea town, away from the vanity of the big concrete sea resorts, away from the noisy tourists and even more noisy summer establishments, if you want to enjoy the romance of the secluded bays and the wonderful rocky fiords, this is your place!

If you want to immerse yourself in the silence and tranquillity of the pretty town, to get a suntan and to feel the hospitality of the small family hotels, this is your place. A town with ancient history, a town with modern present and a bright future. A town that invites you to look north and reach the beautiful cape Emine, and then to the south to the wonderful curves of the magical Arkutino Reserve. A town that has something to fascinate you and to fulfil your holiday days with a lot of beauty, mood, intense summer emotions, a feeling of complete relaxation and unforgettable memories that will warm you during the cold winter months!

One of the favorite places for the residents of Chernomorets is the Orthodox Church "St. Nicholas". With its "Garden of Eden", a prototype from the Bible one, its bell tower, its precious icons and its warm atmosphere, the church is one of the most important symbols of the town.

Another important attraction for every tourist is the St. Nicholas Museum. The museum consists of two halls - archaeological and ethnographic, and a lapidarium where you can see a rich collection of stone anchors - the oldest anchors found at the bottom of the Sozopol Gulf. Garments from the Strandzha region and household goods can be seen in the museum. The museum exposition is located in the central part of the town of Chernomorets.

The city enchants its residents and numerous guests and with its distinctive spirit, so characteristic of our little towns - the spirit that makes you feel at home, where your hearth, your home, your root is. But it is also fascinating with the charm of his heights, the beautiful seaside lagoons, its remarkable stone formations, and the colourful scenery of the charming landscape. In the evening, when the sun sets over the beautiful sea horizon, the most desirable with their colourful lights and tempting offerings are the beautiful central square, the main shopping street and, of course, the unique coastal promenade that fills with emotions creates a mood and leaves unforgettable summer memories. We also have a new harbour, which hosts a lot of fishing boats and yachts. There you can see fishermen, patiently waiting for their daily catch. From the harbour also sails our pirate ship - our marine summer attraction.

Chernomorets is best known with its beautiful beaches. The nearly nine-kilometre long coast is divided into four beaches. These are: 
- Central City Beach (only 5 minutes walk from Boutique Villa Amalia) - the beach is located in the quiet northern bay and is a natural extension of the most colorful, most visited and most attractive shopping street. It is nestled in the bosom of the newly built town harbour, which keeps it from the turbulent sea currents and creates conditions for a calm and relaxing day on the beach. The central beach is famous for its golden sand, warm and shallow waters, which makes it especially preferred by families with children and fans of tranquil summer entertainment; 
- Gulf of Vromos (located 1.2 km away from Boutique Villa Amalia) - the bay is situated between Chernomorets and Atia village and is remarkable for its healing black sand;
- The beach of camping "Chernomorets" (only 6 minutes walk from Boutique Villa Amalia) - a small and cozy beach with stunning views of the "St. Ivan" Island and Chervenka Holiday Village. It is situated near the newest and modern part of the town and the villa zone, hidden in a small grove, the beach charm with its golden sand and the small rounded pebbles.  It is a favourite place for people who prefer privacy and tranquillity. 
- The most visited, the most famous, the most beautiful and the most desired is the beach of the camping "Gradina" also known as the "Royal Beach" (located 1.5 km from Boutique Villa" Amalia). With its 5 km long coast this beach offers amazing conditions for spending an unforgettable summer vacation, impressive with its golden sand, the endless beach stretching from the town of Chernomorets to the town of Sozopol, the beautiful dunes, the magical beaches and the best beach bars. The beach is suitable for various water sports - water skiing, jet skiing, windsurf, water wheel and many others.

Few places on our Black Sea coast can boast of such a variety of beaches. Four beaches - four different possibilities for experiencing an exciting, emotional and unforgettable vacation. Four unique proposals that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Four kinds of memories that will fill your family's photographic archive and leave in your hearts the feeling of an experienced sea fairy tale.

Today, Chernomorets is a modern, ever-changing, dynamic, young and beautiful town. A favorite place for all who appreciate the peaceful and cosy atmosphere of small towns - increasingly desirable, more and more attractive, more and more dreamy. With its youthful spirit, well-maintained urban environment, cosy restaurants, cosy shops, beautiful small family hotels and its proximity to Bourgas and the ancient Sozopol, Chernomoretz attracts more and more fans. Once you visited it, you'll be captivated forever. And you will come back again, and again, and again!

Chernomorets is characterized by its mild climate and pleasant temperatures. The summer here is not so hot and the winter is soft, which prevents the region form long snow cover. The average air temperature (from May to September) is 22°-23° degrees Celsius, allowing the fans of peaceful seaside weekends to visit the city both before and after the active tourist season. The sunshine is strongest in June and July. Precipitation in the summer is scarce and the air humidity is about 75%. Sea water is pleasant for bathing from the beginning of June to the end of October.


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